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GreenLincs Report

Initial Environmental Review

1. Introduction

St Cuthbert’s House was visited on the 1st May 2007 by Liz Minshall of White Young Green Environmental to look at environmental performance.

The visit was enabled by funding from Lincolnshire Enterprise and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the greenLINCS Programme.

2. Organisation Background

St Cuthbert’s House is the name given to the calligraphy workshop and hermitage run by Rachel Denton.

St Cuthbert’s House designs and produces a range of hand finished greeting cards which are sold via the internet and through gift shops nationally

The workshop is within a rural area and is part of the hermitage.

3. Executive Summary

Although St Cuthbert’s House is a small operation efforts have been made to incorporate environmental considerations into the activities and ethos of the organisation.

Waste, including energy, is minimised where ever possible and a number of house keeping measures have been implemented.  Future larger scale projects such as solar panels are being considered.  (Implemented 2009)

The environmental impact of materials is considered, although at present, due to the requirement for high quality and textured card and envelopes it has not been possible to utilise paper and envelopes from a recycled source.  It is hoped that in the future this will be possible and is an area for review.

In summary, St Cuthbert’s House has adopted a positive stance towards minimising its impact on the environment and has implemented a number of positive initiatives which has helped it to do so.