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S T   C U T H B E R T ’ S  H O U S E Hermitage of the Diocese of Nottingham               

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Redemptorist Publications occasionally commissions me to provide copy for their Sunday Bulletins:

“a thoughtful newsletter for those who want to spend a few weeks going a little deeper into one aspect of the faith. Drawing on some of the best spiritual and scriptural Catholic writers, Sunday Bulletin provides a 650-word article on a wide range of topics which run for a number of weeks in a small series.”

With their kind permission I am able to reproduce these pieces on my website.  They follow in date order (most recent first).  

15th  January – 26th  February 2017

On being poorly: Rachel Denton reflects on living through a diagnosis of serious illness and subsequent treatment. How does such an experience affect the life of faith?    On being poorly

28th November 2010 – 9th January 2011

The Seven Joys of Hermitage:  After a brief spell in a Carmelite monastery, for the first fifteen years of her working life, Rachel Denton was a teacher.  In the summer of 2001 circumstances finally prevailed to enable her to pursue a long-held desire to live in solitude and silence as a hermit.  With the support of her spiritual director and the Bishop of Nottingham, she installed herself in a quiet Lincolnshire village and five years later made her solemn profession as a hermit of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham.  Over the next seven weeks, Rachel will be reflecting upon her life in the hermitage during this Advent and Christmas season.    The Seven Joys of Hermitage

26th February – 1st April 2012

Pondering into Solitude:  Rachel Denton is a professed hermit of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham.  She draws on her novitiate journal to illustrate her Lenten pilgrimage.     Pondering into Solitude

20th April – 8th June 2014

Easter Garden:  In a new series for the Easter season, Rachel Denton reflects on the signs of new life in the world around her.     Easter Garden

On being poorly 1 Ponderings into Solitude 1 Easter Garden 1 The Seven Joys of Hermitage 1

28th July - 25th  August 2019

Coping with change:  Rachel Denton is a diocesan hermit, resident in rural Lincolnshi past seventeen years.  She recently  relocated her hermitage to a more urban setting and writes about her experience of the move.  Coping with change

Coping with change 1

5th September - 3rd October  2021

Season of Creation: Rachel Denton is a diocesan hermit, and has written these pieces from her urban hermitage, which is dedicated to St Cuthbert.

Season of Creation 1