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Ellie poo

St Cuthbert’s House greeting cards are a luxury product, and as such are printed on the very top quality board available.  To minimise environmental impact, this is ordered though the web from UK companies, and insofar as possible delivered through regular postal & delivery services.  Unfortunately it has not yet been possible to source recycled board of a high enough quality to completely replace my current stock or suppliers, however I do have access to a stock of Ellie-poo card & recycled envelopes which I am happy to substitute for any customer who would prefer it.

The board I use is 300gsm & is softer & rougher than the white boards I usually use for my greeting cards.  The Elliepoo is a very pale mushroom colour, & is flecked  -  as you can see.  The Rhino-poo is a greyer white but similarly flecked. (ref above)


If you would like me to use Ellie-poo or Rhino-poo for any part of your order please contact me directly so we can discus their suitability.   Thanks!  

From the Manufacturers:

100% recycled A4 Ellie Poo 300gsm Board. This board is made with post consumer waste which has been collected from schools, colleges and offices around the UK. It is then mixed with elephant dung to produce our unique and very unusual Ellie Poo Board. Contains no bleaches or detergents. Made here within the UK.

100% Recycled A4 Rhino Poo 300gsm Board. Once we have collected the Rhino dung from zoos in the UK, it is then dried and is added to the processed pulp to produce this very unusual off white board. A nice weighty board which will be ideal for a wide variety of projects. It has no bleaches or detergents added and it is made within the UK.   

And Rhino Poo