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A bit of Roman pith & wit scribed in their very own versals.

Cats Clouds Girls


Bright & fun greetings for the women in your life.


Just cats, no words.  The cats declined to comment.


Dreamy, fragile, peace …

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General Greetings


A whole treasure trove of designs which could be used to send any greeting you like.  Enjoy browsing!

Individual cards are printed on a variety of smooth and textured board  according to design (300-330gsm board with 120-135gsm envelopes).  Unless otherwise stated, all these cards have been left blank for your own message.   

General General

General Collections     

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Because birds deserve a page of their own.

Gourmet Words Unfinishedpoems


 The obscure jottings of a friend and poet …


For the chef in your life.


All those simple, essential greetings.



Feel the cold …

This card is unusual in that it folds down the middle, so the prayer is printed on both the front and back faces of the folded card. Just beautiful calligraphy, hand finished on a silky smooth heavyweight white card (300gsm). With luxury wove white envelope (120gsm) to complement the card. Standard size is great for a brief note or commendation. Presentation size transforms this into a really beautiful prayer for wellbeing - highly recommended.

63: You never enjoy

A flamboyant and exuberant card hand finished on a silky smooth board (320gsm) to best show off these vibrant colours - ideal to celebrate the birth of a new baby -  or for birthdays, weddings, any great celebration.   With top quality smooth white envelope (135gsm). Standard size (A6) as a token of your joy. Presentation size (A5):  Fantastic card!  A real carnival of colour.  Highly recommended.

67: Celtic Blessing

The gorgeous design on the front of this card is reminiscent of the craftsmanship of the ancient Trialeti culture & marries perfectly with the words of W.B Yeats enigmatic & evocative poetry (from Those dancing days are gone).  The inside left is a silver purse - shown in the next image down on this page.  A beautiful & unusual card to send on almost any occasion.  Hand finished on a hard silky smooth card (300gsm) selected especially to carry the intricacy of these gorgeous colours. With a luxury smooth white envelope (135gsm).  Available in standard or presentation size - for maximum impact.

72: I carry the Sun

72: I carry the Sun (This is the inside left illustration from the previous card.  Please select and order using the boxes for the previous card)

A nostalgic design with a forget me not theme:  ideal for a birthday, a farewell, or any other celebration of a shared story.  This card is hand finished on alabaster textured card (300gsm) with a luxury  heavyweight (135gsm) white envelope. Standard size for a brief note of celebration or support. Presentation size for a more formal & prestigious celebration of cherished memories.

76: Forget-me-not days

Detail from Holy Saturday—a mixed media piece inspired by the dawn light in my oratory on Holy Saturday morning. Standard size for a soft & gentle note of compassion. Presentation size presents the image more formally in an upright card - something beautiful to stay on the mantelpiece for more than a few days?

181: Holy Saturday

Adapted from Sonnet LXXIV : William Shakespeare.  This card is scribed inside with the words, "and this with thee remains". Hand finished on heavyweight hammered card (300gsm) with luxury silky smooth white envelope (135gsm).  this is one of our most popular cards with a myriad of uses  -  birthdays, retirement, valentines, mothers day ... buy a couple & you will soon be back for more! Standard size (A6) - great to send your heartfelt greetings on any occasion. Presentation size (A5) - a beautiful card for those more significant or prestigious occasions.

108: The worth of this

This delightfully gentle card was originally designed as a memorial to my Godmother.  She ran the perfect home, always welcoming, always relaxing. With resonances of the heavenly places, it might be used to convey your sympathy  & hope, in times of bereavement.  OR it could equally well be used as a house-warming card, or a celebration of friendship.

145: A perfect home

Commissioned to celebrate the memory of a dearly beloved wife and mother, this is a joyful rendition of the words of John Rutter's life affirming work: I believe in springtime.

424: I believe