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Hello Reader.  I have a new website at Erdio.org!  

This website has now been archived.  You can still access the information pages, but they will not be updated again.  

The gallery pages still work - so if you would like to contribute funds to our local foodbank, then please order cards there.

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Gallery of Greeting Cards Mail: prayer@stcuthbertshouse.co.uk?subject=Please pray for ... About SCH

Fine Calligraphy:                         

from the Hermitage!

View and select from a wide range of greeting cards designed and printed from hand-scribed texts.  

About SCH:

Find out more about St Cuthbert’s hermitage: this is the link for reports, news and media, newsletters etc.  


St Cuthbert’s House is primarily a house of prayer.  If you would like prayers for a particular intention, please email me with a few details.  I don’t usually acknowledge these directly, but please be assured that your request has been read and will be held before God.

2022 Christmas Newsletter now available here