S T   C U T H B E R T ’ S  H O U S E Hermitage of the Diocese of Nottingham               

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Redemptorist Publications: Sunday Bulletin,  Jan 2, 2011.

The Seven Joys of Hermitage: Divine Providence.   After a brief spell in a Carmelite monastery, for the first fifteen years of her working life, Rachel Denton was a teacher.  In the summer of 2001 circumstances finally prevailed to enable her to pursue a long-held desire to live in solitude and silence as a hermit.  With the support of her spiritual director and the Bishop of Nottingham, she installed herself in a quiet Lincolnshire village and five years later made her solemn profession as a hermit of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham.  Over the next seven weeks, Rachel will be reflecting upon her life in the hermitage during this Advent and Christmas season.

The Seven Joys of Hermitage 2